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10 Purse Essentials: What’s in Your Bag?

Purse essentials

If you’re like most women, you never go anywhere without your purse. Not because it’s a great fashion accessory, but because it contains every item you would need to survive on a deserted island. But seriously, every woman needs a good handbag to carry their essentials, from makeup items for freshening to a little somethin’ somethin’ to liven up a party. A winning collection of items to tote around with you is “in the bag…”

Purse Essentials

Compact Mirror

Compact mirror purse essentials

When the line for the bathroom wraps around the venue, you’re going to wish you had a compact mirror for a quick check in and touch-up. It’s also great for precision and hard-to-see spots.

Blotting Sheets + Pressed Powder

Pressed powder purse essentials

Powdering after blotting is like applying a safety coat after painting your nails. It has to be done. These DHC blotting sheets are great for removing shine and are made with 100% all natural hemp fibers. Paired with this Charlotte Tilbury setting powder, you’ll look like you have a beauty filter on.


NARS concealer purse essentials

We all know how pesky pimples/dark spots can be. Sometimes, they find a way to fight through even the thickest layer of concealer. That’s why you should always keep a stash on you for a quick spot treatment. This NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer speaks for itself...creamy and full coverage.

Lipstick/Lip Liner

Woman applying lipstick purse essentials

Unless you’re using Sacred Child Beauty’s long-lasting, smudge-proof lipstick…you’ll probably need to reapply every few hours. But if you just like to dress your lips on the go, my favorite combination to carry is Makeup Forever’s liner in Wherever Walnut and SCB’s lipstick in shade Saintly.  

Refreshing Spray

Face spray purse essentials

A refreshing spray does just as its name implies. It refreshes your skin with just a spray. To make your makeup look more skin-like or just melt it all together, I use Li Organics’ Palmarosa Revival Mist. It’s hydrating, nourishing, and smells heavenly.

Hairbrush + Claw Clip/Scrunchie

claw clip purse essentials

If you like to occasionally let your hair down, whether tearing it up on the dance floor or cruising around in a convertible, make sure to carry a travel size hair brush and something to hold your locks in place. 


Travel perfume purse essential

Remember what I said about tearing up the dance floor? Well, don’t make the other guests suffer. A little deodorant and a spritz of perfume can keep you smelling fresh and new.

Gum/Mints + Floss

Mints purse essential

The holidays are all about stuffing your face. Whether there’s garlic on your breath or spinach in your teeth, it’s nothing a little gum and a string of floss can’t fix.


Ibuprofen purse essential

Don’t let a headache bring you down. A small container of Advil is a great way to ease your aches or head off a hangover.

Hand Sanitizer/Lotion

hand cream purse essential

The cold winter air can lead to dry, cracked skin. Especially if you’re constantly applying hand sanitizer like me. Always have a little lotion on hand and add a dollop after every wash to keep your skin supple.

Nail File

Nail file purse essential

Nail techs don’t offer 24/7 service. So, you should always keep a file in your bag of tricks to quickly fix a chipped nail and prevent further damage without having to run to the salon.


Champagne purse essential

A little bottle of bubbly is a great accessory for those special moments worth celebrating…or for parties without an open bar. We’re not suggesting anyone should end up half in the bag, but we encourage everyone to carry a full one. Here’s a toast to a well-packed purse!

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