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Four Benefits of Getting Monthly Facials

benefits of getting monthly facials

After the taxing holiday season, there’s no better time than the New Year to invest in yourself and rejuvenate. While sometimes pricey, facials are a great way to get pampered while cleansing and preserving your skin. Just like your teeth need regular deep cleanings, so does your skin! In fact, many estheticians suggest getting monthly facials for best results. There are so many benefits to facials besides just clear skin, let’s tackle them all:

Benefits of Facials

Deeper Cleaning

When you get a facial from a licensed esthetician, you are receiving a safer and more advanced cleansing than can be achieved at home. The tools and products they use not only remove dirt, grime, and oil from clogged pores, they eliminate dead skin cells allowing for deeper penetration and more effective detoxification. Extractions are a very important part of any facial to ensure your skin is clean and can breathe. Keep in mind, when performing your own extractions you run the risk of scarring or infection, so better to leave that to the licensed pros.

Girl getting facial for benefits

Improved Circulation

The massaging process involved in facials increases blood flow which helps flush toxins from the skin. Plus, it decreases puffiness and drains fluid buildup from our lymphatic system. It can also improve the overall texture of the skin by providing oxygen, protein, and nutrients.

girl getting facial for benefits

Slow Down Aging

A monthly facial can reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark spots, yet revive dehydrated skin. The use of antioxidants and nutrient-dense products can slow the aging process and give your skin a healthy and supple appearance. Facials also help promote collagen production which improves skin hydration, elasticity, and strength.

girl getting facials for the many benefits


The most important reason to get regular facials is to practice self-care. It is best to invest time and money into yourself regularly to ensure that your physical and mental health stay at their peak. A good treatment can provide a relaxing experience and long-term benefits like the ones above.

girls practicing self-care facials

There are numerous types of facials, so the best course of action is to get one customized to your skin’s needs. For a more affordable route, visit your nearest beauty school for a facial from a practicing esthetician. You should consult with your esthetician beforehand and provide ample information about your skincare routine, medications you use, and so on. Be sure to find an esthetician you can trust with all your skin needs and make a great investment in yourself this New Year!

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