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It’s A Glow Girl Summer

Glow Girl Summer

Aside from drinking lots of water, sleep, eating clean, and having a bomb skincare routine, there are amazing makeup tips and tricks to help you achieve that dreamy summer glow. Summer complexions call for a less-is-more approach. Imagine a sun-kissed radiance complimented by your Sacred Child Beauty liquid highlighter.

achieve that glowing summer look!

Glow Girl Summer
 SCB Highlighter / Image Credit: Nick Glover​​

A lot of makeup users are scared to use products, such as highlighters, anywhere else other than where it’s “supposed” to go. I used to be too! Once I stepped out of my comfort zone, I started using bronzer on my eyelids, mixed highlighter into my foundation, and put a gloss on my cheekbones...you get the point. With all of this experimenting, I have learned all of the tricks on how to achieve that perfect glow we all dream of, especially in the summer months! Grab your Sacred Child Beauty Highlighter and follow along!

Glow Girl Summer
​​Exfoliant / Image Credit: Drunk Elephant

Prep Your Canvas

Of course I had to add a quick skincare tip! To eliminate all dullness and reach a peak glow, you have to exfoliate! Use an exfoliator to eliminate dull surface cells, then moisturize your skin to create a smoother, more light-reflective surface.  

Spice Up Your Foundation

This tip is a game changer. To take your foundation from a matte to dewy finish, mix your foundation with your Sacred Child Beauty Highlighter. Start by pumping out your normal amount of liquid foundation into your palm. Then, take a few drops of your liquid highlighter and blend it into your foundation. Once you’ve mixed, apply as usual!  

Glow Girl Summer
Image Credit: Pinterest​​

More Highlighter

For a high-impact glow, take your Hallowed SCB highlighter and apply it over the highest points of the cheeks. If you want a glowing highlighted eyes, apply a highlighter or a shimmery, light-reflective shadow and apply it on the lid, under the brow bone, and even on the inner corner of the eye.  

Cupid’s Bow

Add a little glow to your Cupid’s bow (the top center of your lips) to make your lips appear fuller. We love any good lip hack! Since this is a small section of your face, don’t hesitate to apply with your fingers or a small brush.  

Glow Girl Summer
Glow Look / Image Credit: Kayleigh June​​


One of my favorite glowing tricks is combining highlighter and setting spray. Why? Your skin has a SNATCHED glow that stays perfectly in place all day. No complaints here. Start by soaking your beauty blender sponge in setting spray then dip it into a few drops of your SCB highlighter. Focus on lightly dabbing the blender onto the high points of your face, like your cheekbones. Don’t let anything go to waste! Apply what’s left on your makeup sponge to your cupid’s bow, brow bone, and the bridge of your nose, then gently press it into the rest of your face to lock it all in!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your makeup! You might just find an amazing hack that will change your entire makeup routine. I cheer you all on to try out these tips and let me know what you think. There is no such thing as too much glow. ✨

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