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Sacred Child Beauty Lip Guide To Austin, Texas.

Sacred Child Beauty Guide to Austin

Currently based in Austin, Texas, I am surrounded by endless inspiration. From people in the creative industry to local spots and nature, Austin is the perfect combination of a vibrant city life with beautiful rolling hills, lakes, and rivers. There’s never nothing to do. With that being said, sometimes it gets overwhelming to pick the perfect look to match Austin activities. No worries, I broke it down for you. Below are my go-to spots matched perfectly with each Sacred Child Beauty lipstick color!

The Perfect Lip Shades Paired With Our Go-to Spots!

Sacred Child Beauty Guide to Austin
Image Credit: Mount Bonnell​

Innocent - Hiking Mount Bonnell

Who ever said you can’t rock a bomb lip shade for a hike? Not me! Sacred Child Beauty’s Innocent lipstick is the perfect shade for any outdoor activity, specifically hiking Mount Bonnell. With its beige nude color and a deep hydrating formula, your lips will stay in perfect condition and stay servin’ looks all hike long. Let’s just say the view of Austin, Texas won’t be the only thing that's eye-catching.

Sacred Child Beauty Guide to Austin
Image Credit: @perlassouthcongress, Instagram​

Saintly - Brunch At Perlas

Gather your gang the morning after a night out and meet me at Perlas Seafood & Oyster Bar for brunch. Lounging on Austin’s prettiest oak-shaded patio while indulging in delicious seafood calls for the perfect pale pink lip shade...AKA, Saintly!

Sacred Child Beauty Guide to Austin
Image Credit: @gabrielasdowntown, Instagram​

Destiny - Drinking A Fruta Michelada Gabriela Downtown

Searching for an authentic dining spot? Gabriela’s in Downtown is your answer. Their Michoacán inspired family recipes demand that they make nearly everything on the menu fresh daily and pride themselves in never using artificial flavorings or enhancers. Their delicious drinks and margaritas are made with fresh squeezed lime juice and fruits. The perfect lip color? Destiny! Pair this beautiful dusty mauve lip with a delicious futa michelada (seasonal fruit, chili powder, peanuts and beer).

Sacred Child Beauty Guide to Austin
Image Credit: The Roosevelt Room​

Covenant - Roosevelt Room

As classy as a Covenant red lip, Roosevelt Room is one of the most unique award-winning Cocktail Bar in the city. Located in the heart of downtown Austin's historic warehouse district set in a building built in 1929, Roosevelt Room’s atmosphere and ambiance transports you to old time New York City. So, of course I recommend wearing Covenant because a classic red lipstick is so classically NYC.

Sacred Child Beauty Guide to Austin
Cacio E Pepe / Image Credit: @ilbruttoaustin, Instagram​

Rapturous - Il Brutto

Rapturous, a bold berry lip shade, complimented by a beautiful plate of pasta and a generous glass of red wine at Il Brutto...Could you name a better duo? Il Brutto is your go-to spot if you’re an authentic Italian food connoisseur like me. I highly recommend their Cacio E Pepe and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon to match your beautiful Rapturous lip. Chefs kiss.

Sacred Child Beauty Guide to Austin
Image Credit: Kalimotxo​

Sanctified - Kalimotxo

Grab your Sanctified Sacred Child Beauty lipstick and head over to Kalimotxo. This cocktail bar, located downtown, is a great spot to grab a quick drink or hang all night with amazing friends. With a lengthy Spanish wine list and delicious craft cocktails, Sanctified is the perfect lip to match the immaculate vibes. With its deep aubergine color, you won't have to worry about staining your lips with vino! Fun fact: Kalimotxo is named after a famous Spanish drink, called kalimotxo (an equal mixture of wine and coke, yes the soda), and matches Sanctified quite perfectly. It’s meant to be.

Sacred Child Beauty Guide to Austin
Image Credit: @cosmiccoffeebeer, Instagram​

Boudica - Cosmic Coffee

“Cosmic was inspired by our obsession with creating an environment that embraced the principles of permaculture, sustainability and regenerative systems,” according to Cosmic Coffee’s website. So basically they are my kind of people! Once you enter their space, you can immediately get the vibe that these people really care about our Mother Earth. With that being said, Boudica is 100% the lip color vibe. Boudica’s beautiful earthy mauve shade will not only match your surroundings while lounging in their spacey garden, but is also the perfect color to wear whether you’re grabbing an oat milk latte or crisp beer. Cheers

Austin friends or visitors, I hope this serves as your guide next time you make plans and want to serve nothin’ but looks! Tag our Instagram in any and all photos of your rocking Sacred Child Beauty!

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