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Spring Cleaning but Make it Skin Care

Spring Cleaning but Make It Skincare Image

SKIN... Getting ready for spring!

Hey Alexa, play “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles. The cold months are wrapping up and the temperatures are starting to rise. With a new season comes closet cleanouts and replacements to transition your wardrobe to the warmer season, but what about your skin care products? Baby soft skin, it’s time to get ready for a little spring fling. It’s necessary to upgrade your skin care routine to help your skin adjust from the harsh cold months to the warmer temperatures, higher UV levels, and if you’re located in Texas, like me, freakin’ humidity! As you turn in your turtlenecks for tees, replace heavy moisturizers and oil-based products for lightweight and water-based products.

Spring Cleaning but Make It Skincare Image
Image Credit: Osea / Instagram​​

With heat and humidity comes an increase of your skin’s oil production. Think clogged pores and pimples, it ain’t cute. The heavy skin care products you used to combat your dry winter skin is likely too thick. Below are some of my top tips to properly transition your skin care products from the cold to warm season and amplify your glow. These tips are specifically organized in order of skin care routine! I always look at my skin as a blank canvas that I want properly prepped for my “paint” (make up).


Let me start off by saying (without tooting my own horn, kinda), I have mastered the skin care regimens. I grew up surrounded by the women in my family passionate about all things skin. Both my mother and grandmother separately showed me their skincare routines when I was nine years old. Looking back, I’m not entirely confident they knew the proper steps. From when I was nine (yes, I started at NINE) to now, I definitely know what I’m talking about when it comes to skin. 

With that being said, to the lovelies who think it’s okay to go to bed without washing your face, just no. You definitely need to do all the things to achieve happy skin. During the fall/winter months, you probably used a thick and hydrating cleanser. As we move towards the spring/summer, let's replace that with a lightweight, oil-removing cleanser.


It is crazy to see the junk that comes off your skin after you use toner. Like shouldn’t cleanser be enough? Apparently not! Toners are key to prepping the skin for serums and moisturizers. It’s like cleaning water off of your counter with a wet sponge vs. a dry one. The wet sponge absorbs more. When looking for a toner, definitely make sure it is alcohol-free!


I swear by serums and treatment products! They are my go-to when seeking deeper penetration into the skin. Start early! It’s far easier to prevent skin damage than it is to repair it. In the cold months, serum is a great nutrient-rich source. Keep up the serum, but transition into one that’s water-based, rather than oil-based. Can you tell I’m anti-oil, yet?

Spring Cleaning but Make It Skincare Image
Image Credit: Sunday Riley / Instagram​​


Our skin will not tolerate a lack of hydration during the cold seasons. Literally, it’ll freak out on you until you do something about it. Like a toddler not getting his/her way. I refuse to believe I’m alone when I say that dry skin is my pet peeve. Luckily, I have found thick and hydrating moisturizers that perfectly quench my skin's winter thirst. However, in the spring and summer months, the skin naturally produces oil. This allows the skin to retain moisture - the thirst isn’t that real. 

I suggest seeking a spring/summer lightweight moisturizer that absorbs quickly and includes key ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, and marine algae. A simple tip: water-based formulas are key. If you’re a minimal-step kinda soul (I’m sure some of us wish we were for the sake of our spending, me included), there are some beautiful, lightweight tinted moisturizers that can simplify your routine!


Once I get started on the importance of sunscreen, it’s hard to stop so I’ll try to keep it short. BUMP UP that SPF! As you can probably know, the UV rays are higher and stronger in the spring than they are in the winter. And boyyy does that sun feel good hitting your skin. SPF 15 isn’t going to fight those wrinkles or sun spots, to say the least. Find something more substantial that is at least SPF 40. 

Pro tip: Skincare OG, Kim Chang, swears to use sunscreen with Vitamin C. Her studies are the receipts. She states, “Using sunscreen with Vitamin C protects the skin from further photodamage caused by ultraviolet rays. This information is important because most people don’t know that you can protect your skin even further than just sunscreen.”


The key to shedding off that winter dullness is to exfoliate! Erase that dullness by exfoliating (after cleansing) with clean acids or enzymes two to three times per week. I recommend using a soft facial brush or pads to buff away those dead skin cells waiting to leave your surface. 

I used to LOVE my clarisonic and highly recommend it to anyone. However, I’m giving myself a switch-up and trying the PMD Clean Pro a try! There is less waste since you don’t have a brush head to replace monthly. Plus the colors are cute AF. I’ll keep you guys updated on my thoughts!


Face masks that are formulated with glycolic acid, lactic acid, or fruit enzymes are also great tools to welcome in that spring/summer layer of skin. I recommend using a mask one time a week, or more if needed!  

Spring Cleaning but Make It Skincare Image
 Image Credit: Anna Shvets / Pexels​​

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