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Staying Fit In Austin, Texas. Workout 101

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Let’s get fit Austin friends! From hardcore HIIT workout classes to outdoor hobbies, below is a list of some of my favorite spots and activities in Austin, Texas to get active!

Workout 101

Staying Fit in ATX
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Located in Downtown Austin, this #1-rated kickboxing and boxing workout studio is guaranteed to inspire you to kick ass inside and outside of the studio. They offer 45 and 60-minute high-intensity full-body kickboxing workout classes, 45-minute boxing classes centered around the fundamentals of boxing, and 45-minute bags and weights classes, which will be spent punching and kicking on the heavy bag while strength exercising. Each class welcomes all fitness and experience levels! Motivated by amazing workout instructors and hype music, you will leave class satisfied with your hard, yet rewarding workout. Browse their offered class packages here!

Staying Fit in ATX
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Achievement comes first at Equinox Austin, located on South Congress. A membership here includes cutting-edge unlimited group fitness classes (both in person and virtual), best in-class equipment, one-on-one power workout/training (for an extra cost), juice bar, and a beautiful sundeck with a one-of-a-kind view of downtown ATX. Not to mention, their spa is absolutely amazing! From saunas to steam rooms and high-quality products, you definitely don’t feel like you’re in a gym spa. Check out their membership options here and schedule your gym tour!

Staying Fit in ATX
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Crux Climbing Center

From experienced climbers to Austinites seeking a new workout option, Crux Climbing Center has options for everyone! Stocked with bouldering, strength training areas, a yoga studio, locker rooms with saunas, a kids’ area, and a lounge space, Crux is much more than a gym. They pride themselves on being a space where their members can form a community. Check out their climbing classes here and plan on dedicating a morning/afternoon to explore their Central or South Austin location!

Staying Fit in ATX
Image Credit: @tyxaustin, Instagram​​

YTX Yoga

Zen out at the Downtown or Domain YTX Austin studio, formerly known as Wanderlust Yoga. At YTX Yoga, their staff aims to create space for transformational life experiences both on and off the mat. Whether you’re seeking to elevate your yoga practice or want to begin your yoga journey, YTX is the place for you, both virtually and in person. Browse their membership rates here!

Staying Fit in ATX
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Outdoor ATX Activities

Need to save your coins or genuinely prefer outdoor fitness? Austin is filled with free outdoor options to get fit! Kayak on or walk/bike Lady Bird Lake, hike Mount Bonnell, bring your workout equipment to Zilker Park, or simply walk or run the beautiful neighborhoods of Austin, Texas. The options are endless!

Staying active is extremely important for your mind, body and soul. Prioritizing your health is the best form of self care. Austin, Texas is an amazing city with endless workout options. I challenge all of my ATX friends to experiment different classes to find what works best for you! Let me know your favorites!

xoxo, tiffany

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