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Summer 2021 Nail Trends

Summer Nail Trends

Statement nails are the top accessories of Summer 2021. People are pushing their creative limits with a variety of nail art that is going viral! If you are more of a one shade year-round type of individual, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and explore one (if not all) of the nail trends listed below. Before you go off and book your mani/pedi appointment, I want to bring light to the fact that a good chunk of nail polishes, similar to makeup and skincare products, are toxic! Especially those offered at salons. I provide you all with a slideshow link that lists out a handful of cruelty-free and non-toxic nail products! Do your part by bringing in your own polish to your next appointment.  

Smoky Swirls

Summer Nail Trends
Image Credit: @imarninails, Instagram​​

Smokey swirl nail designs are the IT look this season. You’ve probably seen this look all over your feed. Whether you go for a classic white polish or bold shade, you’ll be serving some serious nail looks. Check out this link for a variety of different color smoky looks!

Colored Tips

Summer Nail Trends
Image Credit: @bb.claws, Instagram​​

White French tips are the creme de la creme of nail designs. However, this summer is all about COLOR. Put away the white and bring in any and all vivid colors and fun designs to paint onto your tips.

Flower Power

Summer Nail Trends
Image Credit: @nailbaezug, Instagram​​

Dainty floral nail art is giving me some serious early 2000 vibes and I love it. Adding this to your manicure will bring a playful and cheerful vibe to your look. Check out this page for a variety of floral nail inspiration!

Check Mate

Summer Nail Trends
 Image Credit: @yeswhatnails, Instagram​​

Checkered nail art is arguably the “coolest” manicure look of the season. I don’t know whether to give credit to vans or classic board games for this one. Regardless, there are a wide variety of different looks you can do with checkered nails. Click here to view a handful!

Design Crazy

Summer Nail Trends
 Image Credit: @astronails_, Instagram​​

Trouble picking between one design and another? No worries, there’s no such thing as one design too many this year. Expression is IN more than ever. Show your personality through your nails, whether it’s one design or ten different ones. You can’t go wrong.

Happy nails, happy life!

Let’s keep each other updated with our cruelty-free and non-toxic nail looks! Tag us on Instagram with any fun nail art you choose to get done during your next mani/pedi appointment.  

xoxo, tiffany

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