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The Art of Sleep

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Your beauty sleep is the foundation of your beauty routine. Our body is always working, however, it works the hardest when you’re in the deepest sleep. It’s easy to get swooped up with work, family, social life, and so on, and forget to prioritize a solid 7-10 hours of sleep. Not to mention, you forget why sleep is so important. For example, it being the most important (and cheapest) factor for glowing and youthful skin. This is my friendly reminder to you that it’s time to prioritize it!

There are many benefits of sleep for your overall health and skin. For now, I’m going to focus on skin health. Let’s talk about how sleep plays a huge role in improving your natural glow, and reducing wrinkles and inflammation, specifically in your eyes. Take advantage of the benefits of deep sleep and learn how to maximize the quality of your slumber. The tips I'm going to share have helped me battle against insomnia, so I highly recommend trying them out. 

The Art of Sleep Image
​​Pajamas / Image Credit: Daily Sleeper

Radiant Complexion

If you aren’t getting the sleep you need, even if it's by an hour, the next morning you will notice a dull texture and lack of color in your skin. Experiencing deep sleep allows your body to rejuvenate itself and accelerate the blood flow to your face.

What helps: Consistency. Consistency. Consistency! It is so important to maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Just because you slept ten hours one night, doesn’t mean you’re in the clear to sleep six the next night. Inconsistency will have a negative effect on the appearance of your skin. Start getting into a solid sleep routine and witness your skin change for the better! Sometimes it is all it takes to bring back the glow we love!

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Wrinkle Repair

Sleep = natural collagen production. Can I hear a hallelujah? The skin literally repairs itself overnight and produces its own collagen. It’s just as good as preventative botox, but free. Deep sleep is prime for collagen production, which results in your face looking fuller and tighter. No sagging here.

What helps: This is where your skincare routine comes in. Give your face an extra hydrating boost that it deserves. Apply a hydrating night cream on your face and neck. Pro tip: purchase a humidifier to avoid any humidity that can draw out the skin’s moisture!

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Depuff / Image Credit: @honeynsilk, Instagram​​

Eliminate Puffy Eyes

Chances are, you’ve had dark circles or puffy bags under your eyes after not enough Zzz’s. This is usually the first sign we see when we don’t have enough sleep.

What helps: The more sleep, the less puffy. Stay well-hydrated and elevate your head with an extra (silk) pillow! This can help reduce swelling. If you naturally have puffy eyes, put that ice roller to use! 

The Art of Sleep Image
Sleepy Kitty / Image Credit: @velvetdynasty, Instagram​​

Maximize the Quality of Your Sleep

I’m ready to set you up for success. As I mentioned earlier, I used to suffer from serious insomnia. Once I saw the negative effects lack of sleep was having on my skin, I needed to change something up immediately. Aside from other things, I knew I needed to set up enough time to truly wind down and prepare my mind and body for a night of sleep. Here are a small handful of tips that have seriously changed my life! 

  1. Cooler Room Temperatures: A warm room causes restlessness. Drop the temperature a few degrees or turn on a fan to keep cool air circulating. Plus, you are more likely to snuggle up with your blankets or furry friends. 
  2. Dark Room: Keep the room as dark as possible. Any light, from clocks to iphones, can disturb your slumber. If you can’t get a pitch dark room, invest in a silk eye mask! My favorite. 
  3. Eliminate Blue Light Screens: Put those phones away!! I know it’s hard to turn off but when it comes to sleep it is necessary. Blue light tricks your brain into thinking it’s daytime. When that happens, your body does not release melatonin, which is nature’s way of helping us wind down and prepare for bed. I suggest you avoid looking at any blue light screens two to three hours before bed and wear blue light glasses.

Once I started to prioritize my sleep, I noticed a huge difference in my skin and overall mood. I woke up feeling energized and had the ability to accomplish so much within a day, without burning myself out. My skin thanked me for my consistent deep sleep. I started waking up and loving my pre-wash glow as much as my post-product glow. Try out these tips and prioritize your sleep. Own your natural (and free) youthful glow, internally and externally!  

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