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The Difference Between BB, CC, and DD Cream

The difference between BB, CC, and DD cream

In 2023, we’re embracing our natural skin, flaws and all. A great way to do that is by cutting back on foundation. There are many alternatives marketed as BB, CC, and DD cream… but how do you know which is best for your skin type? Read on to find out!

What’s the difference between BB and CC cream?

The main differences between BB and CC cream are their textures, coverage abilities, and intended uses. 

BB Cream

BB cream stands for beauty balm or blemish balm. As a skincare-makeup hybrid, its main functions are to moisturize, prime, and tint your skin with light coverage. Many BB creams contain hyaluronic acid and SPF for a boost of hydration and protection from the sun as some added bonuses. Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream is advertised as an 8-in-1 “skin perfector.” This formula blurs imperfections, brightens skin, and is oil-free.

BB cream

CC Cream

CC stands for color correcting, which means its main purpose is to camouflage discoloration in the skin and even out your skin tone. CC creams are often lighter in texture than BB creams, but the best way to differentiate them is with their labels. IT Cosmetics has a full-coverage CC cream packed with skin-loving ingredients which makes it a cult-favorite. Now with an extended shade range, its popularity only goes up! 

The best way to find your shade is to do patch tests like you would with foundation. If you want to brighten some areas, go for a lighter shade than you’re used to. If you're feeling pale, you can also get away with going a shade darker if your CC cream has sheer coverage.

CC Cream IT cosmetics

DD Cream

DD stands for “Dynamic Do-All” or “Daily Defense.” Similar to BB, DD creams are makeup-skincare hybrids with SPF included for sun protection. This cream from DERMAdoctor is advertised as a “Dermatologically Defining” BB cream… so they’re not all that different. Plus, DD creams usually contain color correcting agents like CC cream so you get the best of both worlds.

DD Cream DERMAdoctor

How are they applied?

These skincare-makeup hybrids can be applied just like foundation, with a brush, beauty blender, or your fingertips. Depending on the coverage advertised, I prefer a tool like Morphe’s Oval Foundation Brush for its blendability. Its bristles help provide that “skin-first” finish these formulas are supposed to.

Morphe foundation brush for cream

The key to natural-looking makeup is a skincare-makeup hybrid like any of the creams mentioned above. Ditch the full-coverage foundation this season and embrace your natural skin with whichever cream best suits your skin type!

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