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Makeup Brush Guide: Which Brush to Use When

Makeup brush guide

Put your beauty blenders away, beauty queens. Today we’re talking all things brushes! If you’ve ever felt lost trying to navigate the world of makeup brushes, you’re not alone. Each brush has a very specific shape based on its function, so it’s important to be able to distinguish between them. Follow this guide to make sure you get the most out of your brushes! 

Makeup Brush Guide

Powder Brush

Powder brushes are for dusting powder over your face. Usually large in size, the bristles are dense and full which makes it perfect for maximum coverage. The type of powder brush you use will depend on the type of powder you use, like pressed or loose. This Bare Minerals Supreme Finisher Brush delicately deposits powder over your face without it looking cakey. A must-have in your beauty bag.

Makeup Brush powder

Blush Brush

Similar in look to a powder brush, blush brushes are for strategic blush placement. They’re intended for a small area of the face, so they should be a bit stubby. A good brush will help you blend your blush so it doesn’t settle in one place. This Real Techniques brush does just that, and it’s pink to help you remember what it’s for.

Blush brush
Real Techniques​​

Foundation Brush

foundation brushes

There are several different types of brushes depending on the formula of your foundation, like liquid, cream, and powder. A liquid foundation brush has longer bristles that taper at the end, making it perfect for painting your face. My favorite is this Oval Foundation Brush from Morphe. Because cream foundation is thicker, you’ll want a flat brush with densely packed bristles to blend the product into your skin. For that, I would use the Morphe Flat Buffer Brush. Powder foundation brushes are rounded at the end so you can dust the product on your face without overdoing it. This Morphe Buffer Foundation Brush is perfect for that. Regardless of the formula, foundation brushes should be durable, multi-purpose, and provide a smooth, full-coverage finish. Whether that be liquid, powder, or stick, these brushes blend it all!

Concealer Brush

Concealer brushes are for precise coverage. Whether that be dark under eyes or pesky pimples, these brushes help blend concealer without wiping it off. This concealer brush by MAC is perfect for precise, delicate application.

concealer brush

Contour Brush

A contour brush should be stiff and angled for all your contour needs. Predominately used for defining cheekbones and facial structure, these brushes are essential to avoid harsh, dark patches of contour. Fenty Beauty’s brush provides a perfect curve to create sharp edges on your face. 

contour brush
Fenty Beauty​​

Fan Brush

A fan brush is perfect for applying highlighter and buffing away mistakes. This fan brush from e.l.f. has delicate bristles that are perfect for dusting a glimmering highlighter on your cheekbones or erasing a heavy-handed eyeshadow mishap.

fan brush

Brow Brush

Most brow brushes come with a built-in spoolie for brushing your eyebrows. Just as you would brush your hair before styling, it’s good to sweep through your brows before going in with color. The angled, flat tip of the brush side is perfect for creating a sharp brow outline. The queen of brow products, Anastasia Beverly Hills sells this perfect spoolie and brush duo to do just that.

Brow brush
Anastasia ​​Beverly Hills

This post is meant to guide you in the right direction, but it’s really not that serious. Don’t be afraid to use brushes for different purposes; we love a little rule breaker. As long as your makeup looks snatched in the end, the means don’t matter. 

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