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Big Lashes, Big Dreams

Big Lashes Big Dreams Image

It’s all in the EYES! The ways you can get creative with your eyes are absolutely endless. Whether you want to brighten, widen, darken, or bolden your eyes, there are many ways to do it. The question is, how do you get eyes that people want to stare into for days?

With mask-wearing still in effect, at least when we are out and about, the attention is on our eyes. I (obviously) love makeup, and these are some methods I have learned over the years, through practice, “how to” tutorials, and working with professional makeup artists (They have the best tips. If you get the chance, don’t be afraid to ask them ALL the questions).

Big Lashes Big Dreams Image
Lash Brush / Image Credit: Pinterest​​

Brush Brush Brush!

Just like the hair on your head, brushing your lashes is key for growth. You should be brushing your lashes daily to remove any dust, pollen, oil, and whatever else might accumulate on your lashes throughout the day! Plus, this helps make your lashes look full with and without mascara...win win. Grab your (clean) spoolie and get to brushing at least once a day! Start right above the base of your lash and brush upwards.

Big Lashes Big Dreams Image
Latisse Magic / Image Credit: Latisse​​

Magic Serum

Looking to grow your lashes but don’t want to spend a minimum of $250 on your first set of eyelash extensions? Lash serum is your answer. Lash serums are packed with hydrating and growth-stimulating ingredients that help boost the volume, length and overall health of your lashes. I highly recommend giving Latisse Lash Serum a try! Apply every night for at least eight weeks and watch your lashes become longer, thicker and darker. It’s worth the wait. 😉

Big Lashes Big Dreams Image
Lash Cleanser / Image Credit: Health and Glow​​

Start with Clean Lashes Before

You will definitely want to start with clean lashes before beginning the cosmetics process’ listed below. When removing any previous makeup, dust, dirt, and so on...make sure you don’t use a super oily make up remover! This is extremely important to avoid before curling your lashes and applying lash primer and mascara. Like the hair on your head, if your lashes are too oily, they won’t hold a firm curl!

Big Lashes Big Dreams Image
​​Lash Curler / Image Credit: Beautylish

Curl Your Lashes

An obvious, but very necessary step! Curling your lashes fans them out, making your eyes look bigger and more awake. The Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler is a legend and hands-down the best one on the market! Reminder: always apply your primer and mascara after curling your lashes. If you apply before, you risk breaking off your beautiful lashes. A real tragedy. If you’re open to dropping some extra cash and are sick of curling your lashes every day, lash lifts are a game changer.

Big Lashes Big Dreams Image
Sacred Child Beauty Primer & Mascara / Image Credit: Bria Solack Photography​​

Prime, Fan, and Many Coats

Prep, prime and go! This step is so often overlooked but I swear by it! Lash primers are a must if you’re looking to achieve elongated and volumized natural lashes. Add one coat of your Sacred Child Beauty Lash Primer *fan* followed by your Sacred Child Beauty Mascara. You will instantly notice the difference of application and final look! Tip: Don’t fan dry the primer too much or it will make the mascara application a little challenging. I like to do one coat of lash primer, followed by two to three coats of mascara

Whether you apply these steps to a dramatic eyeshadow look or a more natural-vibe, your lashes will definitely draw attention and admiration! I’m always down to hear your “secret” tips and tricks for achieving Ginormous Lashes! Try out these tips and shoot me a DM on Instagram with your feedback! 😘

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