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Face Sprays: Refreshing, Setting, and Fixing

woman spraying face spray refreshing setting fixing

It doesn’t matter what kind of face spray you use; nothing beats the feeling of a cool mist sprinkling your complexion and dousing your skin with nutrients. However, when it comes to their intended uses, face sprays can be difficult to navigate. So, if you’re looking for guidance, you’ve come to the right place. Face sprays can generally be organized into three categories: refreshing, setting, and fixing. While they may sound self-explanatory, it’s important to use them correctly to get the best results for your skin.

The Different Types of Face Sprays

Refreshing Spray

Refreshing sprays (or facial mists) are intended to hydrate and refresh your skin at any point throughout the day while providing a subtle glow. They can be applied before makeup to prep the skin, during makeup application to help products blend better, or after to give your complexion a natural-looking finish. The best part is that you can carry a facial mist on-the-go and apply a spritz (or ten) whenever you’re in need of a reset. When shopping for a refreshing mist, it’s important to look for quality ingredients that benefit the skin and help lock in moisture.

Refreshing face spray Li Organics

My favorite refreshing spray is Li Organics’ Palmarosa Revival Mist. Packed full of powerhouse ingredients, this mist is rejuvenation in a bottle. It’s formulated with palmarosa, which has antiviral and antifungal properties, and neroli, an oil that combats scarring, hyperpigmentation, and dryness. Let’s just say, I don’t leave the house without this in my purse.

Setting Spray

A setting spray goes on after your makeup to melt foundation, concealer, and powder together. It can keep your makeup from separating and give you a seamless finish. Usually water-based, setting sprays penetrate deeply to target multiple layers of makeup.

Milk Makeup setting face spray

A popular setting spray is Milk Makeup’s Hydro Grip Setting Spray. Formulated with agave extract to grip and set makeup, it’s alcohol-free, hydrating, and gives a radiant finish. This spray works best for dry, dull skin because of its dewy finish. Just make sure to shake the bottle before use to activate the ingredients!

Fixing Spray

A fixing (or finishing) spray promotes makeup longevity. It’s primarily used to set the top layer of makeup and ensure your products won’t rub off. Unlike setting sprays, fixing sprays are alcohol-based and formulated to resist sweat, humidity, and anything else life throws your way.

Urban Decay finishing face spray

A cult-favorite fixing spray that ensures your makeup won’t budge is Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray. (Companies often use the word “setting” instead of “fixing” because it is more widely known). It’s key to use a setting spray before a fixing spray so all of your makeup is set, not just the top layer.

The bottom line is: all three types of face sprays can be used in any routine because they have different, yet important functions. As long as you follow the correct order, you’re good to go. Put your best face forward this holiday season and spray away! 

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