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Feeling Hot, Feeling Blue.

Feeling Hot, Feeling Blue.

With the Summer season comes a more laid back and casual makeup vibe that I LOVE❤️❤️❤️❤️!! Other than blue, pops of colors on the eyes and lips, my summer makeup routine is pretty straight forward. Below is a short guide on how to achieve a bronzed summer glow with a pop of shadow color!  

Summer Blues Is The Trend

Feeling Hot Feeling Blue
 Image Credit: @karo_kangas, Instagram​


Let’s throw it back to Miami Beach in the ‘60s and ‘70s. This blue-eyed makeup trend is the perfect retro blue. It’s bright, yet diffused, and compliments any eye color. This shadow does exist, thanks to Anastasia Beverly Hills. Check out this blue mini palette and let's play around with the colors!

To achieve the blue snatched eye look pictured above, grab your blue shadow and apply it across the lid. Once you’re done with the blue shadow, take your Morphe Gloss and dab a buildable layer over the top of your shadow. Finish it off with applying a few coats of Sacred Child Beauty Lash Primer and Mascara! Boom. You’ve got your blue statement eyes!  


Put those heavy coverage foundations away and replace them with a lightweight tinted moisturizer, bronzer and highlighter. My top three summertime face favorites. Other than lowering your chances of your makeup sweating off or becoming cakey, this trio is your answer to achieving a natural bronzed glow we strive for year-round. The minimal steps, the better!  

Here's how: After you complete your skincare routine and allow time for the ingredients to soak into your skin, apply your EltaMD Tinted SPF to your face and neck. Hailey Bieber uses this product so you know it's a goodie. Grab your Sacred Child Beauty Sun Child Bronzer and apply it on your cheekbones, jawline, forehead and the sides of your nose for a nice contour. Last but not least, apply your SCB Hallowed Highlighter onto the areas you want to highlight. I recommend squeezing the tube of SCB Highlighter onto the back of your hand, rubbing it in with your index finger and gently pressing it onto your cheekbones, brow bones, tip of nose, Cupid’s bow of the lip, and even the inner corners of the eye! You’re guaranteed to achieve a bronzed summer glow with these steps

Feeling Hot Feeling Blue
Saintly / Image Credit: Nick Glover​


My forever favorite step, the LIPS!! It’s important to keep your lips hydrated, exfoliated, and sun protected so that you can achieve a perfect natural and colored pout. I usually go two (very) different directions with my lip color during the summer. My two main shades are SCB’s Boudica, an earthy mauve, and Saintly, a beautiful pale pink. Since we are rockin’ a retro blue poolside shadow, I am going to lean towards Saintly, so I can let my eyes have their moment. 

To achieve a long lasting colorful pout, it's important to prepare your lips. Start by exfoliating and moisturizing your lips. Once you pick your lipstick color shade, match it with a liner. Check out a blog I wrote that lays out steal vs. splurge matching liners for each SCB lipstick! Start to line your top lip by starting from the corner of your lip and following just outside your natural lip line. Same process applies to the bottom lip! Fill in your lips with liner so that your lipstick will last longer and the color intensity will increase. Lastly, apply your Saintly hydrating lipstick.

Follow this guide all summer long and experiment with different accent colors! You queens can rock any look! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram. 😘 

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