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Full Moon Beauty Rituals

Image Credit: @thebeautyflush, Instagram

We have all heard or experienced the mood swings, crazy desires, or “weird” things that take place during a variety of phases of the moon. However, have you ever experienced the direct effect the moon has on the beauty of our skin? In honor of the full moon that took place on August 22nd, I want to share with you my favorite beauty rituals to practice during this phase.  

Full Moon & Its Benefits ...

Heightened Emotions

Emotions are heightened so it is important to set yourself up for ultimate relaxation. Draw yourself a bath, turn on a zen playlist, light some candles, unplug from technologies, and simply enjoy.  

Skin Is More Absorbent

Full Moon is an optimum time to rejuvenate and repair the skin. When the moon is either in the full or new moon phase, we are most susceptible to its impact, which allows us the opportunity to use these rhythms to our advantage. During these two moon phases, our body’s ability to receive nutrients and release toxins is amplified. Show your health and happiness some love by being intentional with what you put inside and on your body. Get creative in the kitchen with clean recipes and indulge in new vitamin-enriched skin and hair care products!

Be Seen

The full moon phase is prime time to go out and be SEEN! Challenge yourself with a statement makeup look, and make sure glitter is involved! Check out these glittery makeup tutorials that are a perfect full-moon look.

Elevate Your Mood With Scents

Heighten awareness and elevate your mood with the use of your favorite scents. Light up your incense, sage your space, plug in your aromatherapy oil diffuser, and melt your relaxing candles. My go-to scent is anything and everything lavender based!

Wishing you all a peaceful transition into this new phase. Tell me your favorite way to celebrate a full moon on our Instagram!

xoxo, tiffany

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