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Host An Unforgettable Dinner Party

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A summer dinner party is the perfect excuse to gather with your friends and spend time in the great outdoors! I’ve rounded up the best summer party hacks and my favorite healthy recipes to make this the easiest dinner party you’ve ever thrown.

A "Party ideas and must-haves list"

Utilize Outdoor Space

Transform your backyard into the perfect dining set up. If you don’t have a dining table in your backyard, you can purchase a fold out table, or build a floor table out of wooden pallets. Lay a linen tablecloth over the table and add decor. Make sure there is enough seating for all of your guests. Bring in some chairs from inside (even if they don’t match, it's a vibe), or throw some oversized outdoor cushions on the floor. It’ll result in a cozy and genuine setup.

DIY Decor
Image Credit:@kumakurkuma, Instagram​​

DIY Decor

This is your perfect excuse to push your creative abilities or save some extra money! Florals are my go-to when it comes to any decoration, especially to spice up your table setting. Here is a great tutorial on creating the perfect arrangement. Pro tip: Purchase your florals at a local florist or market! Since you’re hosting an outdoor party, lights are important to have when the sunsets. Hang up some firefly lights and light up candles throughout the table.

Prep A Playlist

Set the party mood with a fire playlist! Linked here is my favorite summer party playlist. Make sure to have the music playing when your guests arrive and throughout the event. When you’re ready to wrap up the evening, turn off the music. People will know it's time to head home!

 Image Credit: Love and Lemons​​

Serve The Season

Make sure you are aware of any dietary restrictions your guests may have. Once you are aware, you are free to treat your guests (and yourself) to a delicious summer menu. Aim to serve foods that are refreshing and light. Check out these easy summer recipes from Love and Lemons for the best healthy and refreshing bites.

Sip The Season

Is a party even a party without delicious beverages? Whether your party is alcohol free or not, below are my favorite beverage recipes that are easy to create, delicious, and picture perfect:

Mocktail: It's watermelon season! Here is my favorite watermelon juice recipe that is drool-worthy. 

Cocktail: Tequila is calling. Here is my go-to Paloma cocktail recipe that contains minimal ingredients.

Let Your Inner Child Shine

Summers were always more enjoyable as a kid. No school or job to worry about, the heat didn’t phase us, bugs were our “friends,” and it was close to impossible to get bored. We made games out of anything. Why not bring it back? Have a few game options ready to play! 

Here are my favorite games that always end in laughter:

Unsolved Case Files

Heads Up!

Great Minds Think Alike

Don’t Forget

It’s easy to get caught up in the kitchen, but there are a few necessary things that you should have close by when hosting an outdoor dinner party:

  • BUG SPRAY! If you live in Texas, like me, this is a MUST. Those mosquitos do not play around. I also recommend purchasing citronella candles

  • Extra napkins and utensils. 

  • Party favors - Give your guests something to leave with that reminds them of the incredibly fun night they just had! Plant some succulents, wrap up mini champagne bottles with a bow, or hand out Sacred Child Beauty products. Anything is meaningful! 

  • Have a backup plan in case of wind or rain. 

  • Have a plan for post-party pickup. I highly recommend using recyclable dinnerware so that you are not stuck with dishes until sunrise.

Tag us in the photos of your next outdoor summer dinner party on Instagram! I can’t wait to see how creative you get. The FOMO is already settling in!  

xoxo, tiffany

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