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How to Feng Shui the Hell Out of Your Home

Feng shui home

Did you know the space you spend the most time in has a huge impact on your health? A well-designed room reflects positively on all aspects of your life. That being said, if home is where the heart is, feng shui is the cardiovascular system. It’s a practice that centers around bringing positive energy to your life. Plus, it’ll make your house look super cute. So, without further ado, here’s how to feng shui like a pro!

What is feng shui?

Feng shui is a Chinese practice that helps people align their energy, or chi, with their surroundings. Literally meaning “wind and water,” feng shui is based on the elements earth, water, fire, metal, and wood, which can all be represented through objects and colors around your home. According to certified NYC feng shui expert, Laura Cerrano, “If you create a balanced representation in your home, it can reflect how you’re reacting to outside experiences. It becomes a metaphor for everything in life.”

woman decluttering for feng shui

Tip #1: Declutter

Overcrowded, cluttered spaces cause stress and impede the natural flow of energy. To balance your chi, be sure to organize your space and rid it of any items that are in the way or unnecessary. Set up your furniture in a way that allows for a smooth flow of energy. For example, avoid facing the back of your furniture toward the entrance of your room as it literally blocks energy from entering. Similarly, tables with rounded edges are preferable to sharp corners because they allow for smoother movements around the house.

open entryway feng shui

Tip #2: Focus on your entryway

The front door is referred to as the “mouth of chi” because it represents how energy enters your home. Be sure that your entrance is organized and clean, as it’s the first thing people observe when they enter. Add items that welcome people into your home and make sure there’s tons of light. Big, clean windows are an essential part of feng shui because they allow sunlight to pass through. 

plants feng shui room

Tip #3: Add plants

Plants are connected to nature and believed to improve productivity. They bring vibrancy and freshness to your space. Plus, they make kick-ass decorations. Cerrano adds, “They’re related to the element of wood, which connects to networking, expansion, growth, growing wealth, and opportunities.” Be sure to invest in plants that are easy to maintain and appropriate for the space you put them in. Steer clear of sharp, pointy leaves and opt for plants that are smooth to the touch. 

experiment with color feng shui

Tip #4: Experiment with color

Believe it or not, humans are strongly influenced by color. Each element has a color it’s associated with and a deeper meaning behind it. Greens and blues symbolize growth and new beginnings. Earthly colors like yellow, orange, and brown are thought to ground and support us. White symbolizes purity and promotes clarity, and red is thought to bring luck. For a complete guide on feng shui colors, click here.

command position feng shui

Tip #5: Command Position

The command position is a key concept in feng shui that represents how you position yourself in life. It basically refers to the location of a piece of furniture in relation to the door. You want to make sure that when you are in bed or at your desk, the door is visible but not directly in line with you. According to Jessica Bennett, writer at Better Homes & Gardens, the best spot is diagonal from the door with a solid wall behind you because it “represents your ability to effectively handle opportunities or threats that come into your life.” 

Whether you’re a new homeowner or a vet, it’s never too late to feng shui your place. These rules don’t only apply to your home either. You can practice feng shui in any building you spend significant time in. There’s no better time to instill new habits than the new year, so head to your nearest HomeGoods and feng shui away!

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