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How to Get Plump Lips Without The Filler

Plump lips without filler

Makeup artist and fellow Austin, Texas queen, Kelli Anne Sewell (not gonna lie- I’m totally obsessed with her tutorials, makeup “looks” and chic style!❤️), shares her secret on how to achieve her signature lip, which is lip fillerless friendly! Read below for everything you need to know on how to execute this look. 

Products You’ll Need for Your Lips

First Step - Bronze

Similarly to how we contour our face to create “shadows” (AKA accentuate features), you’ll want to do the same around your lips. Imagine if you had more full lips, you would naturally have a shadow around your mouth due to their size. So the point of this step is to create a fake shadow, which tricks the eyes into thinking that your lips are bigger than they really are. BOOM! Magic. You are in complete control of how much you want to layer on during this step.

Second Step - Liner

I am a firm believer that liner is the GLUE of creating the perfect pout. I can’t imagine putting on lipstick without it! With that being said, let's get into the trick behind this technique. Kelli Anne emphasizes that they key into this signature lip look is to ONLY overline the center of your mouth, top and bottom lip! As you work out to the outer corners from the center, stay true to your natural lip line and shape. This will make it look the most natural, yet perfectly plump. 

Third Step - Lipstick

This step is pretty straightforward. You will plump a small amount of your Sacred Child Beauty lipstick on the center of your lips, and then blend it out using your FINGER. Yep, finger! 

Plump lips without filler
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Final Step - GLOSS

Gloss is key in Kelli Anne’s makeup looks. She is a lip gloss connoisseur, to say the least. Again, focus on the center of your lips and they will immediately result in a plump, hydrated and juicy look. WINNING! Make sure your gloss isn’t sticky, smells good, and if you’re up for the tingle, find one with a good plumper in it! Kelli Anne and my favorite is the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss

Whether you do or don’t have lip filler, this lip technique will give you the perfect plump look that is timeless. Check out Kelli Anne’s Instagram IGTV’s for video tutorials on her signature lip! Give this a try with your Sacred Child Beauty lipstick products and give us a tag on Instagram


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