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How To: Nontraditional Eye Trends

4.9.21 How To- Nontraditional Eye Trends Image

As long as face masks remain our most important accessory, all eyes are on the eyes! More so than ever, “The Eyes are the mirror of the soul,” said Paul Coehlo. Our eyes have become the first introduction to who we are. When I’m in need of some uplifting, experimenting with color is my easy solution. This year’s eye trends are showing me that I am not alone! The sky's the limit with creativity.

Here are some my top three nontraditional eye makeup trends, followed with “how to’s” on how to perfect the look!  


4.9.21 How To- Nontraditional Eye Trends Image
Pink Graphic Liner / Image Credit: @laurengarrison, Instagram​​

The bold, graphic eyeliner trend is here. Shoutout to the creatives for this trend! It’s time for your eyeliner collection to expand. 

First step: swap out your black liquid or creamy gel liner with a fine tip for a bright pink one, or whatever color speaks your language. Start the design by lining your top lash line, making it fairly thick. Then, wing it out, making this line thinner than your top lash line. Finally, draw the line back up, above your crease, and stop at the midpoint. Take your time on this one! It took me a few makeup wipes to perfect it. 😜

Bold and Bright Shadow

4.9.21 How To- Nontraditional Eye Trends Image
Purple Smokey Eye / Image Credit: @nikki_makeup, Instagram​​

Get excited about using colors, people! Visually “loud” eyeshadow is in and I’m LOVING it. 

Get creative and use the colors of the rainbow to create something bold and unique on your eyelids. Smokey eyes are the perfect statement, but let's make it purple. Before any shadow application, put on the primer! This will keep your eyeshadow from budging. Sweep a deep purple shadow on your lids and blend it all the way up to your crease. Then, blend a shimmery purple shade along your lash lines and inner corners to make your eyes pop! Don’t hold back on the amount and variety of purples you put on. Go crazy and make a statement!

Inner Corner Moment

4.9.21 How To- Nontraditional Eye Trends Image
 Inner Eyeliner / Image Credit: @chinutay, Instagram ​​

The bigger the eye (looks), the better. Adding eyeliner to your inner eye makes it look big and open. Using a black liner, draw the top line and flick it out into a wing. Complete the look by adding liner at the inner corner of your eye. Pro tip: for the inner corner, use the edge, rather than the tip of your eyeliner.  

Try out these nontraditional looks, snap a pic, and tag @sacredchildbeauty on Instagram! I can’t wait to see your fabulous looks!  

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