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I Use Botox, Sue Me

I Use Botox, Sue Me

I remember when Gwyneth Paltrow released her injection product, Xeomin. A lot of people freaked out because she openly admitted that she was regularly getting botox, even though she preaches all things “clean.” Shocker, her beauty secret isn’t only drinking water and getting in her daily greens. I felt this weird relief that I wasn’t the only one. Why is it that we feel this weird shame when we “break” a certain diet or “commitment?” I can eat organic, use clean products, and feel passionate towards movements like creating non-toxic and cruelty-free makeup, but hey…I can still get botox.

I Use Botox, Sue Me
​​Injection / Image Credit: SheerLuxe


Just because someone feels a certain way about one (or a few) things, doesn’t mean they have to actively apply it in every single aspect of their life, nor does it mean they should feel guilty or ashamed by it. There is this weird pressure placed on us by society to achieve something, whether it be goals, grades, weight, etc. without “fault.” That doesn’t seem very human of us, does it? I can create a non-toxic and cruelty-free makeup brand, eat clean, buy organic produce, passionately care about gut health, meditate, etc…but what does getting botox have anything to do with my morals or my overall character?

I Use Botox, Sue Me
Eat Cake / Image Credit: Pinterest​​


This pertains to anything, not just botox. For example, if you’ve ever told yourself a certain food is “bad” and you ended up indulging in it, I’m sure you felt overwhelmed with disappointment in yourself for being “bad.” But you weren’t bad. Nothing about that chocolate chip cookie or focaccia bread was bad in the moral sense. Eating whatever food should not be a reflection of your character, just like getting botox every couple of months doesn’t.

I’m not advising you to get McDonalds delivered every night or to change your entire appearance with injections, but I’m advising you to live a balanced life. Approach everyday with the goal of wellness, gratefulness for your mind, body and soul, and nonjudgement. We, as a society, need to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves and others. Be confident in your character and believe in the character of others.

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