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Ice Ice Baby

Ice Ice Baby

The skincare queen, Joanna Czech, preaches all things ICE. She stated, “I learned about the benefits of icing in beauty school more than 30 years ago, and I’m still using variations of it. It really works.” While this costless skincare tip has been around for decades, it seems like it’s finally sticking...All thanks to TikTok. Agreeing with skincare guru’s and viral TikTok skin lovers on this effective tip, I’m here to give you the full rundown. Welcome to the world of face icing.

Ice Ice Baby
Image Credit: Pinterest​​

What Is It? Ice

In this context, I’m literally talking about rubbing ice on your face. Yep, those ice cubes in the freezer? Wrap them in gauze or cloth and take it to the face!  

What Are The Benefits?

So, why should you do it? Like many forms of cryotherapy, icing your face has many benefits:

Blemish Control

Although it’s not a long term fix, skin exposure to ice reduces inflammation and redness associated with blemishes. This also decreases pain that comes from cystic acne spots. The real pieces of work. 🙄

Sculpt & Depuff

Gently massaging ice around your face helps to increase lymphatic drainage. This technique helps remove excess fluid that causes puffiness. Bye bye puffy morning eyes. Similar to jade rollers or gua sha stones, massaging ice in an upwards motion helps lift and contour.

Jumpstart A Healthy Natural Glow

To boost results, incorporate ice into your treatments. Applying ice after serums will create a pulling effect that helps illuminating and skin-softening ingredients penetrate deeper. The perfect at-home facial.

Ice Ice Baby
Ice Rolling / Image Credit: Joanna Czech​​


“My favorite way to use it is to massage in your serums and then run an ice cube over your face. This makes the skin contract so the pores almost ‘grab’ onto the product and help it absorb better,” says Czech. You never want to directly put ice on your face without wrapping it in gauze or cloth. You also don’t want to keep the ice in one spot for too long. Keep moving it around! This way you get the cold without the freezing. 

Like I (and Joanna Czech) recommended earlier, pair your ice massage with your favorite skin-care product. This will make it easier to move around your delicate skin and allow the products to penetrate deeper. Win win!  

Here is the ice tool I am currently using!

Ice Ice Baby
Ice Cold / Image Credit: Pinterest​​

Face Icing Warning Label:

Like any tip or product, skin icing might not be for everyone! It’s also not something to do every single day. If you’re wanting an everyday solution to depuff morning eyes or refresh the skin, consider sticking your serums, sheet masks and toner in the refrigerator!

If you haven’t hopped on the ice bandwagon yet, now you have all of the reasons why you should give it a try (not to mention the perfect time of the year to cool off). See the kinds of benefits you might reap!  

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