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Is Magnetic Eyeliner Safer Than Lash Glue?

Magnetic eyeliner

When your natural eyelashes don’t do the trick, false lashes are a must. But if you’re like me, the gluing process is enough to make you want to rip your eyes out. It’s difficult and messy to master...not to mention bad for your lashes. Magnetic eyeliner is an easier, more efficient alternative. But is it safe? 

In most cases, magnetic eyeliner is completely harmless. That’s because it’s formulated with iron oxides, minerals that are known for the pigment they produce and their magnetic properties. You can find iron oxides in many cosmetics and sunscreens. However, some people can be allergic to these oxides, so it’s important to conduct a patch test before use. 

How Does Magnetic Eyeliner Work?

Magnetic eyeliner is accompanied by false lashes that have tiny magnets at the base of the strip. The opposite charge allows the magnets to stick to the liner with no adhesive necessary. Regular lash glue contains ingredients that can irritate eyes and are toxic to the glands that produce oil for tears. Board-certified ophthalmologist, Diane Hilal-Campo, suggests drawing on the skin of the upper lash line, never directly over it, to avoid contact with these glands.

fake eyelash magnetic eyeliner

How to Apply Magnetic Eyeliner

Applying magnetic eyeliner should be the last step of your makeup routine. Simply draw a line on your eyelid and wait for it to completely dry before laying your lashes on top. Be sure to press down gently so they don’t lift at the corners. I like to draw a wing at the corner of my eyes so there’s a larger surface area for the magnets to stick to. My favorite brand of magnetic lashes is Glamnetic because they’re affordable and easy to use. 

How to Remove Magnetic Eyeliner

Removal is extremely simple. Just pull slowly and they should separate with no wear and tear to your lids and no lost lashes in the process! To remove the liner, drench a cotton pad in an oil-based eye makeup remover and gently rub your lash line. Just like with any makeup, it’s important to ensure all of the liner is removed to prevent an eye infection. Also, be sure to clean your false lashes before storing them in an airtight container.

While magnetic eyeliner is a safe and simple alternative to regular lash glue, it is not completely risk-free. Be sure to follow the directions and proceed with caution when using them!

Reference: Byrdie

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