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Keeping Up With The Body Positive Activists

Keeping Up With the Body Positive Activists

If you’re living in today’s society, I’m sure you’ve heard about body positivity and the body positivity movement. The movement is all about uplifting others to build their own confidence and acceptance, challenging how society views the body, addressing unrealistic body standards, and more, much more.

Beauty of Body Positivity

As I'm sure you can tell by now, I am all about the importance of self-confidence and challenging societal norms. I truly believe I would not be as educated and motivated if it weren’t for the amazing celebrities out there using their huge platforms to transparently share their own experiences and reality with their mental and body health. Below are some of my favorite celebrity activists that scream “body-positivity” LOUD for the people in the back!!

Keeping Up With The Body Positive Activists
Image Credit: @remibader, Instagram​​

Remi Bader

Remi Bader is hands down one of the best viral influencers, thanks to TikTok. Have you ever ordered something online and it looked NOTHING like it did in the photos or the sizing is just absurdly off? Same. This 25-year-old curve model based in NYC, Remi Bader, took these matters into her own hands. She started posting raw reviews of clothing hauls. And let me tell you, she does not hold back on her honesty (and humor). This idea clicked when she was shopping around SOHO and could not find her size in more than 15 different boutiques. With more than one million followers, she focuses on keeping it real with not only clothing reviews but also the ups and downs of her mental and body confidence. She saw an opportunity to normalize these types of conversations and went for it! Click here to check out some of her awesome TikTok videos.

Keeping Up With The Body Positive Activists
I​​mage Credit: All Womens Talk

Serena Williams

When Serena Williams is off the court, she spends her time speaking important messages onto her daughter, as well as millions of people. Despite her extreme talent (being the #1 best tennis player in the world), people continue to question her femininity and body shame her. She has kept her head held high throughout her career. She has learned to love her body and is appreciative of what her strong body has allowed her to accomplish. In an interview with Vogue, she shares five body positive rules that she preaches now, and plans to pass along to her daughter. I highly recommend you read her beautiful points here.

Keeping Up With The Body Positive Activists
Image Credit: @harnaamkaur, Instagram​​

Harnaam Kaur

Harnaam Kaur is a body positive warrior, motivational speaker, model, world record holder and activist. Harnaam was eventually diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, a condition that means she has much more testosterone than most women which is what causes hair to grow on her face. She is transparent with her story and admits it took years to overcome bullying and finally take ownership of her appearance. She believes, “you can achieve anything and everything once you are authentic and living life truthfully for yourself." She decided to stop treatments of hair removal and accept that she was meant to make a difference in the world and send a message while doing it. She continues to challenge beauty norms and travel the world motivating others. One of my favorite quotes by her states, "I never really understood what role I had to play in this world as a bearded lady. As the years have gone on I have realised that I was born to stand up proud as a woman who promotes body confidence with in both genders, I was born to show the world something else apart from the ‘society's norm,’ and I was born to help people become confident and comfortable with in themselves."

Keeping Up With The Body Positive Activists
 Image Credit: @lizzobeeating​​


Lizzo, queen Lizzo, is taking body positivity to a new level. She believes that it’s time to do more. Of course I have to agree. She believes people are getting too comfortable with the body positive movement, and it’s time to push more towards body neutrality. Chelsea Kronengold, the associate director of communications at the National Eating Disorders Association, explained the difference of the terms as, "The body positive movement urges people to love their bodies no matter what they look like, whereas body neutrality focuses on what your body can do for you rather than what it actually looks like.” Well, if body neutrality gives me the energy and sky rocket confidence that Lizzo never fails to serve, count me in.

Keeping Up With The Body Positive Activists
Image Credit: @barbieferreira​​

If I wrote down all of my favorites, I might as well just write a whole book. I encourage you to look up Barbie FerreiraDemi LovatoAlicia Keys, and more body positive activists. Find your “person” that will hype you up on this topic!

It’s refreshing to see how much this movement has grown over the years. However, like Lizzo said, there is much more to be done. I do believe that the body's positive movement needs a refresh. It’s time to look at your body and just be freakin’ thankful for the things it does for you. What a bad ass body you have to allow you to accomplish so much. You & your body are an unbeatable duo. Don’t you forget it.

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