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Latte Look

Latte Look

Happy fall clean beauty queens! Has everyone had their first PSL of the season yet?! I was told I drink so many pumpkin spice lattes I’m starting to look like one, and I’m starting to think that might not be a bad thing…


Let’s talk about the viral trend that’s got everyone buzzing faster than a barista on double espresso: Hailey Bieber’s “Latte Look.” In light of this blog, think of yourself as the barista, and your face as your empty cup. Let’s fill it up! 

Milky Base

You know how a latte starts with a smooth, creamy base? Well, the “Latte Look” is all about that flawless canvas. Go for a foundation that’s velvety and smooth, just like the milk in your latte. Don’t forget - we’re dairy free around here. Whether you’re a soy, almond, or oat milk kind of gal, keep your base clean and cruelty-free. 


Pump Up The Glam

How sweet do you like your lattes? Now that we have our base, it’s time to “pump up your glam” by adding our different syrups: blush, bronzer, and highlighter. We suggest keeping it light on the blush and heavy on the bronzer / highlighter, but it’s up to you. If it helps, think of blush as your sugar-free syrup (gross!) and your bronzer / highlighter as pumpkin spice (yum!). 

Double Espresso

Double espresso, two eyelids… you get what I’m trying to do. Think cozy, autumnal shades that match the look of espresso shots for your eyelids. Blend those shadows like you’re swirling your cup, creating an eye look that’s as mesmerizing as watching your latte art take shape. 


Whipped Cream

No latte is complete without whipped cream, or in this case, lipstick. Swipe on a lip color that’s as rich and spicy as the cinnamon stick on your PSL - like our “He’s Her Problem Now” lipstick. This will enhance your “Latte Look,” just like whipped cream enhances the taste of a latte. No, seriously, whipped cream makes it SO much better. 

Add a Dash

Last but not least, add a dash of cinnamon for that extra spice. And by cinnamon, I mean faux freckles. You CAN’T tell me faux freckles don’t look exactly like sprinkles of cinnamon. Anyway, your latte is perfect and ready for pickup!


I could have totally been a barista. Maybe in another life. XO

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