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SCB Lipsticks to Cocktails

Image Credit: ENews

Lipstick isn’t just a color, it’s an expression of personality, mood, experience, and more. There’s that feeling you get when you put on the right lipstick and everything just clicks. You pick your lip shade similarly to when you go out and pick your beverage of choice. It all depends on your vibe. Since mood plays such a role in picking your lip shade and cocktail, why not pair them together? Sacred Child Beauty style, of course!  

Which Lipstick Match Your Cocktail?

SCB Lipsticks to Cocktails
Image Credit: Love and Lemons​


Whenever I wear Innocent lipstick shade, I immediately envision myself somewhere like Marfa, Texas. I think of the beautiful pale, yet exciting, color palette that surrounds me as I sit on the front patio of my cute little bungalow home reading a vintage Vogue magazine. So what am I sipping on to quench my thirst from the hot summer sun? A homemade Paloma, of course. Nothin’ boring here!

SCB Lipsticks to Cocktails
Marfa / Image Credit: @mrpoolman.com.au, Instagram​​


Similarly to Innocent, I get a desert vibe whenever I’m wearing my Saintly Sacred Child Beauty lipstick. Instead of a Texas desert, take me to the Wild West! Joshua Tree, California, to be specific. Saintly’s pale pink lipstick color pairs perfectly with SoCal’s boho desert culture, and a crisp glass of Rosé. My favorite Rosé is Côte des Roses!  

SCB Lipsticks to Cocktails
 Image Credit: Jonathan Stiers​​


When life gets confusing, there’s only one thing to do...attend a fabulous party. So what shade are you wearing? Destiny. What’s your drink of choice? Frosé. With Destiny’s beautiful dusty mauve lipstick shade and refreshing frozen beverage, you have to be on a beach! And there’s no party like a Miami Beach party.

SCB Lipsticks to Cocktails
Image Credit: Nick Glover​​


Let’s take it to Upper East Side, New York. If you aren’t rocking a Covenant red lip here, you’re doing it wrong. I can’t imagine a night in New York wearing Covenant and not sipping on a dirty martini with extra olives. Both sophisticated, mysterious, and independent, this lipstick-to-cocktail match was simply made in heaven.

SCB Lipsticks to Cocktails
 Image Credit: Simple Recipes​​


Sacred Child Beauty’s Rapturous lipstick shade is like the color of a bold berry plucked straight from vines in Serbia, Europe. This bold, yet sweet, shade would match perfectly with a glass (or pitcher) of berry red wine Sangria.

SCB Lipsticks to Cocktails
Image Credit: Mali Maeder, Pexels​​


Can I get a SCB Sanctified lipstick with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, please? Say no more! Not only do they match perfectly in color, but their mood too. Both cozy, yet daring, this combination is tasteful and will not go unnoticed. My go-to Cabernet Sauvignon is a 2018 Lewelling Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Wight Vineyard, made in Napa Valley, California!

SCB Lipsticks to Cocktails
 Image Credit: Simple Scratch​​


For the warrior queens, this one's for you! SCB’s Boudica lipstick is a beautiful earthy mauve shade. Location of choice? Let’s catch a red-eye to Dubai. Drink of choice? Anything Gin! Pair this lip to a classic gin fizz cocktail, and you won’t have to explain anything to anyone. It’s your world, we’re just living in it.  

Try out these combinations and you will be more unstoppable than before! Cheers queens.

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