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Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

Image Credit: Seth Browarnik

Most of us will experience one if not mutual, significant relationship in our lifetime. I am a true believer that every love is a lesson. Whether it works out or not, every relationship is a path to finding yourself individually and with a partner. The hardest lessons I have learned are relationships that turned toxic.

Looking back now, I wish I had the strength to tell myself to walk away when I saw the first hint of red flags that the relationship was toxic. Below are a handful of signs to look out for in a relationship. My advice: DON’T IGNORE THEM!

Early And Sometimes Ignored Signs Of Toxic Relationship.

Lack Of Communication

When it would seem most important to be open and honest with your significant other, these people distance themselves emotionally, leaving their partner to deal with a situation on their own. Whenever something might be “communicated” is expressed through moodiness or the “silent treatment.” These people often manipulate their significant others to feel like they are the problem, or to feel crazy.

Lack Of Trust

A person who can’t hold themselves accountable for their actions lacks integrity and respect for their partner. You may feel that there are a lot of missing pieces in your relationship. These people have difficulty being honest with themselves, which causes them to be dishonest with you. Of course, there are levels to the extent of this situation. However, dishonesty is wrong no matter what extent it reaches.

Disapproval From Loved Ones

If the people around you, who know you so well, feel that there is something “off” about your significant other, listen. When you are in a relationship, it’s easy to put blinders on, which is why outside options are important. If the people you love and trust are telling you this isn’t the right person, have the strength to hear them out and take what they say into consideration. Don’t take offense to their warnings.

Controlling Behaviors

Similarly to the point above, a partner may attempt to drive a wedge between you and other significant people in your life. They are easily threatened by relationships outside of your own, or feel the need to control where you go and who you associate with. They tend to manipulate you to believe that blocking these people out is a sign of “love.”  


You often feel unsure about where you stand in your relationship. Instead of moving forward and strengthening your connection, you feel unsure and anxious about where it’s heading. You most likely seek reassurance from your partner, but those are very short-lived if lived at all. As a result, you are putting in 90% of the work, while your partner contributes barely anything.  

Abusive Behavior

Finally, any form of abuse, from the seemingly mild to the clearly obvious (verbal, emotional, psychological, and physical) is not just a red flag but a HUGE sign telling you to get out ASAP and never ever, ever, ever look back

If you are in a relationship and these signs are ringing a bell, please find the courage and strength I know you have to save yourself from it. You are beautiful. You are strong. You are smart. You are deserving of a healthy relationship. Please DM me if you are in need of more information or advice.

xoxo, tiffany

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