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The Bleached Brows Trend: Yay or Nay?

Kendall jenner bleached brows trend

Brows are at the forefront of every makeup look. They have the ability to completely transform your face based on their shape, size, and color. In recent months, bleached brows have taken Hollywood by storm. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Lizzo, Kim Kardashian, and Gigi Hadid have all debuted their barely visible, blonde brows on social media. Could the bleached brows trend be catching fire? We sure hope not. 

According to celebrity eyebrow specialist, Joey Healy, the bleached brows trend has evolved from the ‘90’s and Y2K aesthetic. In an interview with Glamour he told editors, “People are looking backward as they are moving forward, and people are willing to take more risks these days. In this world where we are trying to crawl out of the pandemic, people want to experiment with their looks and reinvent themselves with something fresh and new.” It looks a lot more like self-sabotage to me.

woman with dark eyebrow not following bleached brow trend

How We Feel About the Bleached Brows Trend

As someone who spent years trying to grow back over-plucked, Y2K brows, the transition to bleached brows took me by surprise. At Sacred Child Beauty, we think bold is better. Our reasons go beyond just aesthetics to a much deeper philosophy. These are just a few reasons we hate the bleached brows trend...

Bleached brows take away Self-Expression

When you bleach your brows they essentially disappear, along with your signature expression. Eyebrows play a huge role in the way people show emotion. Without them, it’s hard to tell what a person is thinking and feeling. Tiffany, our Chief Queen of Operations, weighed in on the trend by saying, “I don't like the look. It feels like a physical manifestation of repressing your feelings which I can’t get behind.” True that, Tiff!

Bleached brows age you

Former deputy beauty director at Allure, Sophia Panych, feels the same way we do. In her article “4 Reasons Why Bleached Eyebrows Should Never Ever Be a Trend,” she revealed that a scientific study executed by Richard Russell, an assistant professor of psychology at Gettysburg College, confirmed that darker brows can make a person look more youthful. In the experiment, he showed candidates images of women with digitally manipulated eyes, lips, and brows. The study concluded that when the features were more defined, the face was rated as younger 93 percent of the time. Russell concluded, “We observed that brow color fades very clearly over time and may have a large impact on how old you look.” If that’s not reason enough to ditch the bleach, at least think about your safety...

Bleached Brows Are Dangerous

This is a trend you should not try at home. Not only does bleach damage any hair it comes in contact with, but it should never be applied near the eyes. There are salons who refuse to bleach brows for that very reason. If any of the chemicals in hair dye come in contact with your eyes, you risk going blind. Not to mention the danger of a chemical burn to the skin. 

Here at Sacred Child Beauty, we don’t believe in putting others down. If you think bleached brows are the key to your happiness, more power to you! All we ask is that you take our reasons into consideration. And if you do decide to embrace the blonde…don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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