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The Name, Tiffany Schade. The Brand, Sacred Child Beauty.

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If you’re searching for a typical “About Us,” you hit the wrong link. This is my, Tiffany Schade - Founder of Sacred Child Beauty, blog. This is where I’m going to get personal (maybe too personal), give REAL advice and tips, tell you information you need to/should know, and overall be transparent, whether it's about makeup or not. It’s the least I can do.  


In the “About Us” tab,  you’ll find Sacred Child Beauty brand’s mission, the creation process, and a little bit about me. I figured that, in honor of today’s launch, I should share what this brand means to me, and what I want it to mean for you.  

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Tiffany Schade Product Application / Image Credit: Nick Glover​​


Sacred Child Beauty is not just about cosmetics. It's personal. When I started creating this sacred child brand, I constantly questioned, “Can I create safe, clean, pigment-rich cosmetic products that I’d love to wear?”  The self doubts were endless. I didn’t know what I was capable of anymore. To be honest, I lost myself. I dimmed my light and made myself smaller in hopes of making others feel more comfortable. I tried to make myself fit into some mold of what I thought I was “supposed” to be...what society wanted me to be. Deep down, I desired what we all crave; acceptance and love from others.  

By dimming my light, I lost the most important support I had in my life. My own. Eventually, I realized self love and acceptance was the missing piece. Without it, how could I succeed? Once I experienced this enlightenment, the rest of my concerns flew out the door. I learned that society’s expectations are trash!!  

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​​Tiffany Schade / Image Credit: Cathlin McCullough

I was put on this world to be different and to embrace my uniqueness and the uniqueness of others.

Sacred Child Beauty is my tool. My brand welcomes those who feel, or have felt, an uncertainty of your place in society with the most open arms. Creating this brand has reminded me of who the f*%k I am. I’m bold, confident, empowered, flawed, and I LOVE everything about it - about ME!

Sacred Child Beauty is about stepping into my voice unapologetically, expressing who I am, standing up for what’s right and demanding answers to the questions that need to be asked. I want that for you. I want this line of products to remind you of, or bring you to, this life changing enlightenment. Sacred Child Beauty is here for you, in more ways than one.

Join me in the Sacred Child Beauty journey. Let’s disrupt the hell out of not only this industry, but this society. Together.  


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Tiffany Schade x SCB Models / Image Credit: Nick Glover​​

You can follow me along this journey by keeping up with this blog and following Sacred Child Beauty on instagram. I promise to keep it real with y’all. If there are things you want to talk about or have questions you demand answers to, slide in the DM’s. It won’t be weird. 😉

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